[16-11-2015] The article that I wrote together with Carina Frota Alves (Federal University of Pernambuco) and Slinger Jansen (Utrecht University) on collaboration between app developers in platform ecosystems has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Systems and Software.

[13-08-2015]: On September 17th, 2015 I will be presenting some preliminary findings of my mobile apps research during the Virtual Entrepreneurship Center seminar, to be held at Maastricht University.

[08-05-2015]: For more frequent updates also be sure to follow me on Twitter.

[28-12-2014]: Coming June I will be presenting during the 22nd Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, to be held at Copenhagen Business School.

[24-07-2014]: In little over a week I will be attending my first major management conference. Will I see you at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management?

[13-05-2014]: After a process that after all took more than fifteen months, the journal article on application portfolio management in hospitals that I wrote together with Vincent Blijleven and Ronald Batenburg is forthcoming in the next issue of the International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics.

[22-04-2014]: The Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing group where I perform most of my activities has just introduced its new website. Go and check it out!

[06-03-2014]: The paper on the Microsoft Office365 ecosystem that I wrote together with Slinger Jansen and Sjaak Brinkkemper has been accepted for presentation and publication at the Fifth International Conference on Software Business, to be held in Paphos (Cyprus) in June.

[06-02-2014]: Tomorrow I will be attending the first out of eight seminars on business models organized by the British Academy of Management and the Economic and Social Research Council held in London.

[13-11-2013]: From January 1st 2014 I will join the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing Group at Eindhoven University of Technology as a PhD Candidate! My research will revolve around business model innovation in the software industry or closely related fields.

[03-10-2013]: Now the Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Digital EcoSystems and Technologies are out, I updated the Publication page with all relevant details about my two papers that were presented and published there.

[02-08-2013]: I have updated the Publication page with the presentation slides of the two papers we did present at the International Conference on Digital EcoSystems and Technologies. More details will be added as soon as the proceedings are available on IEEE Xplore.

[04-06-2013]: Two of my papers will be published in the proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Digital EcoSystems and Technologies, to be held at Stanford University this summer. More details can soon be found at the Publication page.

[22-05-2013]: The Edward Elgar Blog published an article that introduces the new book on software ecosystems. Apart from the introduction, the article contains a preview of a Google Apps ecosystem visualization I created as part of my ongoing research project on platform ecosystems and vendor data extraction from app stores.

[21-05-2013]: Slowly migrating all content from my old web site to this new “home”. This new web page will also feature some more background information about yours truly.

[29-04-2013]: The book on software ecosystems for which I have been writing a chapter can now be found at Edward Elgar Publishing.

[08-03-2013]: I am proud to announce the kick-off of my consultancy start-up named Think Ecosystems.

[18-12-2012]: The year went by very fast. I was among twelve ‘prominent’ students and researchers from Utrecht University to look back at the year 2012 for DUB.

[09-05-2012]: I did a short interview with DUB in which I tell about my disability and the Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities.

[15-04-2012]: Wonderful news! I am among the ten European students that are awarded with a scholarship in the program Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities.