Welcome, I am delighted to find out you made it to this page! I am Joey van Angeren, a PhD. candidate at the Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship and Marketing group at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology. I hold a MSc. (cum laude) in Business Informatics and a BSc. in Information Science from Utrecht University, but I also have a background in Computer Science.

I am an aspiring researcher with an interest in business model innovation, multi-sided markets, software ecosystems, software product management and strategic management. During my studies, I had the privilege to publish or contribute to several scientific articles in the proceedings of international peer reviewed workshops, conferences and books. Furthermore, as I am visually impaired diagnosed with the rarely occurring eye disease Peters’ Anomaly I have been awarded with a scholarship in the program Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, a program that stimulates Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD. students in Computer Science or related disciplines in their professional development. My current research is directed at business model innovation for mobile apps. As such, I study and analyze large volumes of data extracted from app stores, combining techniques and theories from disciplines such as Data Science, Management Science and New Product Development.

Next to my scientific involvement, I am a co-founder at Think Ecosystems. Think Ecosystems is a young and innovative consultancy start-up that strives to advise software companies in product, channel and partner management. With this consultancy start-up we try to further close the gap between theory and practice, by applying scientific theories and analyses within the context of a software company.